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Third-Party Validation:

The Orange County Material Test Labs tested the Veactor™ v1.0 in October of 2008. The result? In this test and subsequent reports, the Veactor™ demonstrates significant energy efficiencies when running a computer at idle (70% less energy) and at full load (73.5% less). See the full report here

Deep Dive:

Richard and Gary provide an in-depth presentation and Q&A, explaining the basic physics and capabilities of the Veactor™. Multiple demonstrations illustrate the Veactor’s™ functionality, efficiency, scalability and safety (Richard sticks his finger in the Veactor’s™ outlet and is not shocked).

The Veactor™ provides AC and DC power simultaneously and interchangeably on-demand, based on the needs of a given load and device.

And the group discusses the far and wide potential uses of this new technology from personal computers to municipal power grids.

A Revolutionary Technology Meeting Society’s Critical Needs: 

Inventi™ provides an overview of the Veactor’s™ design, physics, traits, and benefits, demonstrating the critical needs in our society for upgraded power supply equipment as technology continues to advance. See background, illustrations and reports solidifying the Veactor’s™ capabilities, safety, and the potential applications.  

Veactor™ xPath™ Technology:

Inventi™ provides an overview of how the Veactor’s™ xPath™ technology creates a Balanced Current (BC), removing the electromagnetic field byproduct and the produced heat from energy friction in transit, effectively eliminating inefficient energy loss.