Hyperflow Magnetic Sensing Technology



Non-destructive, rapid charging


Re-Engineering Battery Charging

Hyperflow™ Technology is a fundamentally new way of charging batteries. The method is simpler, faster and safer; and, with batteries becoming increasingly important in our technology-driven society, those improvements can't come fast enough.

Battery Tech: At Its Limit?

Durable and energy-dense lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries have been the best choice for powering today's consumer electronics (among other things) for many years now. However, as engineers push them to their efficiency limits, safety problems have emerged. Everyone has heard of the battery fires associated with Galaxy Note 7s, hoverboards and Boeing 787s. These incidents were all caused by overheating during the charging process.

Why do li-ion batteries catch fire? Because the typical "brute force" charging method generates lots of heat as electrons scatter around, searching for a position to fit within the battery's atomic structure. Faster charging equals more heat. The flow of charged particles must therefore be carefully limited to prevent overheating. But with Hyperflow™ Technology, charging doesn't need to be dangerous.


Magnetics to the Rescue

The brute force method depends on electronics, but Hyperflow™ Technology instead relies on magnetics. The result: electrons automatically fall into available "holes" in the lattice without the heat-generating ricochet effect of brute force charging. A comparable process is electrostatic coating in the automotive industry, which is a method of painting negatively charged metal objects with positively charged paint. The process minimizes waste and maximizes speed, because the paint particles are only attracted to those areas that are not yet coated.

Hyperflow™ Technology is a passive, hardware smart solution that allows for faster charging with virtually zero risk of fires. And, it works with any battery chemistry available today — or any chemistry that might be invented in the future, even solid state batteries. Clearly, Hyperflow™ is the better, smarter, safer way – and it's ready today.