Critical Needs

The Veactor™ revolutionizes the 100-year-old transformer with its breakthrough technology. The Veactor™ upgrades the aged transformer into a new type of transformer with magnetic regulation and rectification of AC and DC without circuitry.

Data centers such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure have much to gain from this technology as each mounted server will emit less heat, and more importantly, draw less power from a Veactor™ power supply. 

Data centers utilizing Veactors™ will become data centers that deliver a new star of energy efficiency, and in turn, allow for higher server density which will drive site growth and profits.

Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) should be a top concern for mission critical data centers or for the military, for example.

Veactor™ technology is variable ratio energy transformation.  To protect against EMP, the Veactor's figure-8 dual magnetic path resists electromagnetic interference through a process known in physics called "destructive interference" which cancels out excess waves that can overload electronics. The net effect provides "hardware-smart", balanced current and EMP protection. 

Immediate Applications

Veactor™ xPath™ Technology is not theoretical – it's a working technology that has already been assembled and tested. Moreover, the technology has multiple immediate applications, all of which could revolutionize their respective industries. These include: 

  • Utilities – Transformers for the electric grid
  • Solar/Wind Power – Improved transportation
  • Cities - Energy cost savings in LCD street lighting
  • Homes/Businesses – Replacement for fuse box
  • Data Centers  
    • EMP Protected Power Supply
    • Cooling Towers/Chillers
    • Security and Protection
    • Increased Capacity (Server Density)
  • Computers – Eliminates transformers and cooling fans for computers, servers, switches and storage devices
  • Aviation/Military – EMP secure power supply/transformer for avionics
  • Electric Motors/HVAC – “bolt on” a Veactor™ to an older electric motor and save up to 25% of the energy