Inventi™ designs solutions to today’s energy challenges — building a foundation for more efficient and safer use of power, as well as making domestic energy independence an achievable near-term goal.

The company has introduced a "hardware smart" line of technologies and processes. Market-ready applications include making consumer electronics safer, revolutionizing the nation’s power infrastructure and enabling a massive leap forward in rechargeable battery technology. The Inventi™ team has addressed many of the fundamental challenges of energy innovation without adding complexity (and vulnerability) in the form of additional software. That’s the essence of the hardware smart label.

Veactor™ xPath™ Technology and Thor™ Hyperflow™ Technology are Inventi's™ first two hardware smart technologies, and the company is the exclusive licensor, seller and marketer of both. The company has manufactured hundreds of prototypes and, in the case of xPath™ Technology, the hardware has been independently tested. Inventi™ is now exploring partnership/licensing opportunities with OEMs and other stakeholders across the energy value chain.


"all in one" perfected energy distribution, transformation, and transmission, xPath Technology provides these critical functions: