What is Veactor™ xPath Technology?

 Veactor™ is an all-in-one device that replaces standard power transformers. The technology functions as a combination of:

  • Power Supply – Converts different voltages; rectifies and regulates power
  • Transformer – Steps down the power by a variable ratio versus a fixed ratio
  • Load Balancer – Reacts to and balances the load through its dual magnetic path
  • Voltage Regulator – Provides only the necessary amount of power to the load
  • AC/DC Rectifier – Directs the polarity of the charge through the magnetic field
  • Surge/EMP Protector – Dissipates excess energy through the dual magnetic path via destructive interference

Physicist and inventor Richard Dellacona created Veactor™ in response to an inherent problem with power conversion and transmission. That problem can be summed up in one word: heat. Electrical friction produced by both AC and DC power generates a magnetic field heat byproduct, and simple physics tells us that heat represents lost energy. Excess heat also leads to more wear and tear on the electrical infrastructure and requires systems for managing and dissipating it.

Veactor™ takes heat out of the equation. Using old engineering and contemporary physics, Dellacona's "hardware smart" innovation introduces an entirely new type of power – Balanced Current (BC). This innovation ends our reliance on AC and DC power, bringing transformer design and the electrical infrastructure out of the 19th and into the 21st century.

 BC power can make almost any energy delivery system more efficient. The patented* technology saves as much as 10% of the energy lost during transmission and transformation; and it does this with no moving parts, no circuitry and vastly superior reliability. Inventi™ is the exclusive licensor, seller and marketer of Veactor™ technology. If you want to learn more about how this technology can transform your energy infrastructure, please contact Founder and CEO Gary Davi today.


How Veactor™ Works

 Modern electrical transformers are surprisingly simple devices. They can only manage a fixed ratio of power input and output, and can't switch between AC and DC power. Veactor™ replaces this simple hardware with smart hardware that operates on a variable power ratio. The technology can handle any load, as well as any type of current. Almost no electrical friction is created with Veactor™, so energy efficiency is optimized.


Traditional Transformer Design

  • High maintenance costs
  •  Fixed ratio of energy output limited to either AC or DC
  •  Susceptible to lightning strikes & EMP
  • Large heat generation & inefficient energy loss
  • Hazardous chemicals & oils, fans, or other cooling mechanisms required

Veactor™ Design

  • Long life & low maintenance costs
  •  Reactive “power-on-demand” output delivering AC and DC as needed
  • An environment of destructive interference preventing electrical surges and EMI
  • Minimal heat footprint
  • No dangerous or costly coolants required