Inventi™ designs and develops innovative technologies that solve today's – and tomorrow's – energy challenges.

The company is introducing a "hardware smart" line of solutions that will have a wide range of applications, from the smallest consumer electronic devices to the largest national power grids. These solutions will address some of the fundamental technical issues slowing innovation today. Inventi™ will achieve this with smarter hardware that requires less (or no) software to perform optimally.

Veactor™ xPath™ Technology and Thor™ Hyperflow™ Technology are Inventi's™ first two "hardware smart" technologies, and the company is the exclusive licensor, seller and marketer of both. The company has manufactured hundreds of prototypes and, in the case of xPath™ Technology, the hardware has been independently tested. Both of these solutions represent a merger of modern physics and classic engineering that overcomes persistent problems in the conversion, transmission and storage of electrical energy. Less dependence on software, meanwhile, will have the added effect of making electrical infrastructure and technology more secure than ever.  


Perfected energy distribution, transformation, and transmission, the Veactor™ provides these critical functions: