Hyperflow Technology- Non-destructive, rapid charging


What Is Hyperflow™ Technology?

For powering today's consumer electronics, lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries are superior to every other type of rechargeable battery chemistry. They're durable, energy dense, and can be recharged countless times. However, they do come up short in the areas of safety and efficiency. Recent examples of safety issues include the grounding of all Boeing 787s, and fires during the charging of hoverboards and Galaxy Note 7s. These incidents were all caused by overheating during charging. In terms of efficiency, charging is slow as a direct result of the need to keep heat in check.

It's not that these batteries are poorly designed; far from it. The simple fact is that high energy density batteries increasingly run up against physical limitations involved in charging. Batteries are normally charged electronically using a "brute force" method that generates lots of heat as electrons scatter around, searching for a position to fit within the battery's atomic structure. Faster charging equals more heat, as well as the potential formation of “metal whiskers” branching across the electrolyte barrier and causing a destructive short circuit. Therefore, the flow of charged particles must therefore be carefully limited to prevent overheating. Long story short: Charging is dangerous (but it doesn't have to be).

Thor™ Hyperflow™ Technology fundamentally changes how batteries are energized. Instead of relying on electronics, this patented method [USPTO Method Patent# 9425644 B1] uses magnetism to pull charged particles toward the battery's anode. Electrons automatically fall into available electron holes without the heat-generating ricochet effect of brute force charging. A comparable process is electrostatic coating, which is a method of painting negatively charged metal objects with positively charged paint. Electrostatic coating is how automobiles are painted; the process minimizes waste and maximizes speed, because the paint particles are only attracted to those areas that are not yet coated.

Hyperflow™ is a passive, hardware smart technology that doesn't require management of the flow of energy – and batteries can be charged dramatically faster than today's methods allow. Lenz's Law, which concerns the relationship between magnetic fields and charged particles, explains why this method works so well. 

Most importantly, Hyperflow™ Technology eliminates the risk of fire because almost no heat is generated. The method works on the same general principle as Veactor™ xPath™ Technology. The technology overcomes the challenge of safely and rapidly energizing rechargeable batteries, which are vital in devices ranging from cell phones to electric vehicles. Emerging technologies will increasingly depend on high energy density rechargeable batteries, and Hyperflow™ Technology is ready today to meet the battery charging demands of tomorrow.

Demand for increasingly efficient and safe high energy density batteries isn't somewhere on the horizon. It's already here. Meanwhile, continued reliance on brute force charging methods will only result in more product recalls and personal injuries. Thor™ Hyperflow™ Technology is clearly the better, smarter, safer way – and it's ready today.