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Gary Davi - Founder & CEO
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The Veactor™ technology, like a traditional transformer, is scalable for all applications, from hand-held devices to power grids. The Veactor’s™ power-on-demand capabilities promise optimal energy efficiency, through the elimination of excess heat and unnecessary phase bucking.

Veactor™ technology is the intellectual property of Verde Power Supply, Inc. through US Patents 7804275, 7847664, and 8178998. Inventi™ is the sales and marketing arm of Verde Power Supply, Inc. and is an exclusive authorized licensing, marketer, and seller of Verde Power Supply, Inc. technology and intellectual property. We are not a manufacturer or distributor of Veactor™ technology.

We welcome licensing opportunities and bids for our intellectual property portfolio for any market and company interested in upgrading their power output technology.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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